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About Us

BOND WORLDWIDE INC. has the ability to gather and properly screen for the most qualified professionals in the Philippines for any specific position. This ability stems from an intimate knowledge of the relative quality and strength of schools and institutions all over the country, an extensive network of contacts with school deans and personnel administrators, and considerable experience in manpower testing and selection.

BOND WORLDWIDE INC. is currently the leading recruiter and ‘deployer’ of Filipino nurses to the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. Among its active clientele are the most prestigious institutions in those countries, including the Oxford Radcliff University Hospital, University Birmingham Hospital, Portsmouth NHS Trust Hospital, Brighton NHS Trust Hospitals, Sunderland NHS Trust Hospitals, Northumbria NHS Trust Hospitals, North Staffordshire NHS Trust Hospitals, Derbyshire NHS Trust Hospitals, Counity Hospital Group, Surrey & Sussex NHS Trust Hospital, Scarborough NHS Trust Hospitals, St. Vincent’s Hospital, Royal Hospital Donnybrook, Cope Foundation, Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital, Daughters’ of Charity, St. Michael’s Hospital, Cappagh Hospital, Coombe’s Women’s Hospital, and St. Michael’s House.

BOND WORLDWIDE INC. is affiliated with the O’Grady-Peyton International (Europe) group.