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The Recruitment Process

The initiating step is a JOB ORDER that prospective employers prepare - indicating the type of expertise being sought, the qualifications and experience required, the number desired of each, the location of the employment, and the compensation package. This should be sent to us at BOND WORLDWIDE INC., Suite 30-C, 30th Floor, Rufino Pacific Tower, Ayala Avenue, Makati City, Phiippines.

Upon receipt of the Job Order, we will assemble from our extensive database a list of personnel who meet the specifications, and our experienced recruiters will then pre-screen, process, and select from this list the most suitable and highest-quality candidates.

After our screening process has been completed, that prospective employer will be requested to send an authorized representative to Manila to review the personnel records of the candidates, conduct a final interview of each candidate, and make the final selection.

We will then arrange for the completion of all the activities necessary - such as finalization of the Employment Contract, Visa application, medical exam, etc. - for the deployment of the successful candidates to their new job location.

We will also conduct a pre-departure orientation seminar to help prepare the successful candidates for their new job environment, make the necessary travel arrangements, and deliver them to the airport.